Order your baby full month from Joybox. Pretty boxes with tasty ang ku kueh and cake. Free personalised virtual baby message card.


Don’t forget to use “SGJOY5” to take $5 off your first order!

1. To start order, choose a box design.

Please place separate orders for orders with different delivery dates. Stayhome and E-vouchers packages can be combined in one single order. Regular packages have to be placed in one single order (no combination with Stayhome or E-vouchers). Thank you!

Choose from over 10 design
>> For “baby full month e-voucher”, “mini order” and “ala carte platter“, please scroll down and choose the product respectively. DO NOT choose a box design to start

2. Choose package type

Choose from regular, party, stayhome or premium stayhome (read here to know about their differences)

3. Lastly, choose food items to complete the order

Choose from standard items (no food item changes allowed). If you need to customise the items, please contact us for more details.

We offer baby full month gift box packages with red egg, either ang ku kueh (for baby girls) or ang yee (for baby boys), glutinous rice, chocolate tart, strawberry tart as well as vanilla cake. Our food are freshly made in the early morning of your delivery date.

All regular packages that are delivered to ONE location will enjoy a free delivery before 1pm (to one location) with purchase above $180. All Stayhome packages and E-vouchers include a free doorstep delivery (anytime between 11am – 5pm) for every box. No extra delivery charges required. 

All prices listed are nett price (no GST).