Baby Full Month

The Baby Full Month Celebration is a common practice among Chinese families worldwide. This is a tradition to celebrate the birth of their new baby.

The Baby Full Month Celebration is a joyful occasion to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby into the world for 30 days. It is a joyful time to gather family, close friends, and coworkers to share happiness.

During the Baby Full Month Celebration, the newborn baby will partake in various traditions and customs to receive blessings and good fortune.

Origin of Baby Full Month Celebration

The once cherished traditions and customs of ancient China have slowly lost their significance and been forgotten by the majority. With the Chinese’s modernisation, there has been a growing inclination towards adopting Western customs among the Chinese population.

With the help of advanced medical technologies, we now see the birth of a baby as a secure and organic process. Our ancient ancestors likely experienced a vastly different childbirth process that is difficult to imagine.

Back then, there was a scarcity of medical knowledge and inadequate health equipment. Numerous women in ancient times gave birth at home through natural means. Losing babies during childbirth or even before they were born was a frequent occurrence.

They lacked proper nourishment and have low levels of hygiene in their living conditions. The surviving infants struggled to thrive during their first few months of life. It was unsurprising to find that infant mortality rates were quite high.

Thus, the first three months (or 100 days) hold great significance for a newborn baby. A grand celebration was in order for the entire village to come together and rejoice.

TOday’s Baby Full Month Celebration

Among the many ancient customs, the Chinese have chosen to continue the tradition of celebrating a baby’s full month. The celebration of baby full month varies among different Chinese populations around the world.

The birth of a new baby has long been associated with bringing blessings and prosperity to those in their midst.They are the new joys to the world. An invitation to a baby full month celebration event is seen as a sign of good luck and prosperity. It is a happy event that many will look forward to.

The new parents invite their family members, close friends and coworkers for a celebration party. It is a custom that the guests arrive with gifts, toys and/or ang bao (red envelopes with money). This is to bless the baby with good luck, health, and an abundance of good fortune for the years ahead.

The new parents reciprocate by gifting each guest a baby full month gift box. This is a gesture to express gratitude to the guests for celebrating the arrival of their little one.

The baby full month gift box is not only a gesture of appreciation. It is also a symbol of sharing the baby’s blessings and fortune with the guests. Because of this, it is a tradition for each guest to receive a baby full month gift box. Some guests might considered it unthoughtful, if otherwise.

Baby Full Month Celebration in Singapore

In Singapore and Malaysia, baby full month gift boxes must include ang ku kueh and red egg. Red is an auspicious colour in the Chinese culture. It is often associated with good luck, prosperity and happiness. Hence, it is mandatory to have red egg and red kueh in the baby full month package.

The perfect roundness of an egg represents harmony, unity, and the cycle of new beginnings. The tradition of making red eggs is typically reserved for occasions, such as a baby’s full month or birthdays.

Originally, ang ku kueh is used to celebrate the birthdays of the elderlies. Literally translated from the Chinese dialect, ang ku kueh holds the meaning “Red Tortoise Cake”. Chinese relates the tortoise as an animal that enjoys a great lifespan.

The ang ku kueh is a sweet way to wish a baby a prosperous and long life.

In order to signify the gender of a newborn, ang ku kueh is crafted in the form of a small pointed pyramid to represent a baby boy. This is commonly named as “ang yee”. The original flat tortoise-shaped ang ku kueh symbolises baby girl.

Joybox Ang Ku KUeh and red egg

We take pride in hand-making every single ang ku kueh and ang yee. Our soft and chewy texture comes from the use of top-quality glutinous rice flour in making the skin. We make sure our one-of-a-kind recipe is perfect for ang ku kueh lovers who enjoy a “not-too-sweet” taste.

We cater our ang ku kuehs to hotels and eateries islandwide. If you have a catering event, you could order them as an ala carte item.

At Joybox, we source our eggs from responsible and reliable suppliers. We take great care in selecting the eggs to ensure they are fresh and of the highest quality. We are dedicated to providing packages filled with beautifully coated, shiny red eggs.

baby Full Month Celebrations during COVID

During the COVID pandemic, the requirement for maintaining social distance made it unfeasible to plan any gatherings.

Despite this, the practice of baby full month celebration continues. Gone are the days of physically handing out ang baos. E-ang baos allow for the hassle-free transfer of money to the baby or parents’ bank account. E-ang baos became a hit during the lockdown!

We are one of the few baby full month providers to provide a door-to-door delivery for individual recipients. Many new parents have been grateful for this opportunity to continue the tradition of baby full month.

This has helped them to share the love and happiness of their newborn babies with their dear ones, despite the challenges posed by the COVID crisis.

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baby Full Month Celebrations after COVID

Even with the relaxation of social distancing guidelines, our Stayhome baby full month packages remain a top favourite and a well-received option.

With the hustle and bustle of city life, it was a challenge for guests to attend the baby full month event in person. The lockdown caused a shift in the way many new parents celebrated their baby’s full month celebration.

There is an increased popularity of e-ang baos and doorstep delivery for baby full month packages. As a result, this has revolutionised the way we celebrate this special occasion.

Nonetheless, plenty are looking forward to resuming their normal routine and hosting traditional baby full month parties.

In conclusion, the baby full month celebration has stood the test of time. This traditional custom will persist, even in the face of modernisation.

Joybox Baby Full Month Packages

All our baby full month packages include ang ku kuehs and red eggs. Depending on your preference, you could order baby full month packages in 4-pc, 8pc and 16pc options.

We offer deliveries to a single location. We also offer baby full month e-vouchers. You could conveniently whatsapp to your recipients anytime! They’ll then make their redemptions with us directly with a free doorstep delivery entitlement!

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Our services go beyond just providing mouth-watering ang ku kuehs and red eggs. We also offer a diverse selection of box designs and virtual cards for your baby’s full month package.

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