Baby full month cake FAQ

Read through our baby full month cake FAQ and you should find the answers to all general questions.

What is the minimum order?

A different min quantity per box design / package type / pastry combination is required for different packages in a single order.

4PC REGULAR– min 25 boxes

8PC REGULAR – min 15 boxes

16PC REGULAR – min 10 boxes

PARTY 4PC – min 30 boxes

STAYHOME – min 15 boxes

E-VOUCHER – min 15 vouchers

Each order will come with a free personalisable virtual card (reply to your order confirmation email to provide a baby photo and also a short personalised message).

There is no minimum requirement to place an order with us. However, if your order is less than the min required quantity per box design / package type / pastry combination, please place order at our mini order.

Do not combine your orders. Please place separate orders for deliveries as long as they are on different days. Please place orders for E-gift voucher, Stayhome and Regular packages separately, due to their different delivery options.

For all mini orders, virtual cards or personalised e-voucher will be chargeable if required.

How many days notice to make an order?

Please place your baby full month cake orders (for Basic Stayhome, Regular package or ala carte platters) in advance via, but no later than THREE DAYS before the delivery date.

For Premium Stayhome package that would like us to collect the recipients’ delivery details on your behalf, please place order at least FIVE DAYS before the delivery date.

For e-gift voucher package, please place order and checkout with the earliest available delivery date. We will send you the e-voucher via email as soon as in 1 working’s day time after we received your baby photo and short message.

What are the available payment modes?

You can pay either via PayNow (scan QR code and pay) or all major credit cards.

Do we deliver everyday?

We deliver everyday, inclusive of public holidays.

Is self-collection service available?

In order to ensure and allow smooth operation of our business and deliveries for our customers, our central kitchen does not allow self-collection.

Please utilise our wide range of dedicated delivery slots starting from 10am, and also free delivery slots (for entitled orders) to deliver your orders to your recipients’ and your doorstep.

What are the delivery charges like?

We deliver to all areas in Singapore, EXCEPT for Jurong Island, Changi Airfreight Centre, Shipyards, Camps & Air Bases.

Free delivery for all Stayhome as well as e-gift voucher packages. Regular and ala carte platter orders above $180 also enjoy free delivery.

Free delivery for Stayhome packages is (anytime between) 11am – 5pm. Arrange a dedicated time slot request by topping up additional delivery charges. Charges apply for each individual delivery address. Contact us to arrange.

Free delivery for e-voucher packages is (anytime between) 11am – 5pm, on Saturdays only.

Free delivery for Regular packages and ala carte platter orders is (anytime before) 1pm. Arrange a dedicated time slot request by selecting a paid delivery time slot during checkout for your order.

Free delivery for mini orders above $35 ($35 on regular packages. Delivery time is (anytime between) 11am – 5pm, not allowed to combined with e-vouchers.

Delivery charges for dedicated delivery time slots start from $19. No additional charges with CBD area.

Freshness guarantee

We make our fresh food items in the early morning of your delivery date and we offer freshness guarantee promise with full refund to the affected item(s). In any event, if you or your guests spotted mould on any fresh items at the end of your delivery day, report to us at on the same day for refund. If the report is made after the delivery day, then it would not be covered by our freshness guarantee refund.

How long can you keep the fresh items?

Please consume all fresh items on your delivery day. We do not recommend to keep the packages for the next day. In the event if you must keep the packages after delivery day, store them in the fridge as soon as you received them. You are advised to consume package by the next day. Ang yee/ang ku kueh, glutinous rice will become hard once they are stored in the fridge.

Our freshness guarantee refund does not apply to packages consumed after delivery day itself.

Ang ku kuehs or Ang yees?

We have both ang ku kueh and ang yee. Traditionally, ang ku kueh are used to represent the birth of baby girls while ang yees for baby boys. Both our ang ku kueh and ang yee come with mung bean filling.

Are our fresh food halal certified?

Our ang ku kueh and glutinous rice are not Halal certified, however they do not contain pork, lard and alcohol. Both vanilla cake and chocolate tart are Halal certified.

However, If you only require a few boxes in Halal option in your entire order (be it Stayhome or Regular package), we will be happy to help with that at no extra charges.

For e-voucher packages, your recipients are able to select Halal option while making their redemption with us.

Are our fresh food suitable for vegetarians?

In the event that egg is acceptable for your vegetarian guests, only our glutinous rice is not suitable as they contains shrimps.

Do our packages come with personalised photo message cards?

Because we understand your worries about friends and relatives throwing away your baby’s photo card after consuming the baby full month cake packages, we offer virtual message card service instead of a physical card.

Fully customisable with your baby photo and also a personalised message. You can simply share your virtual card with your family and friends via Whatsapp whenever you pleased.

View our box design and virtual cards.

Discount codes

Use “MINIFREE” if you are placing a mini order to enjoy free delivery 11-5pm for orders above $35 ($35 on regular packages, not allowed to combine with e-vouchers).

Specially for first-time customers only, use “SGJOY5” to enjoy $5 off the entire order. This is a one-time exclusive discount and a minimum spend of $99 in a single order is required. This is however, not applicable for mini orders who have chosen to enjoy a free delivery.

Apply only 1 discount code for each single order. Discount codes MUST be entered during checkout. There is no refund of discount for orders that have been placed without applying the discount code.

You need to alter your order details after making your order, is that possible?

Yes, definitely! Please notify us the changes by 12 noon, at least TWO WORKING DAYS before your delivery date. We regret that any changes notified after 12 noon will not be effected; in the event of reduction of order, it will be processed as partial cancellation – please see T&C for cancellation in the next pointer). For reduction of boxes, a min of 15 boxes per box design / package type / pastry / must still apply in a single order. In the event if the changes involve a refund, a 3% credit card processing fees (on the refunded amount itself) will be deducted off the final refundable amount.

Please note that all baby full month e-vouchers sold are non-refundable and the quantity cannot be reduced once an e-voucher is issued.

Can you cancel your order?

You may cancel your order, however please note that 50% of your total bill will be chargeable for all cancellation of orders. Additionally, another 3% credit card processing fees (on the refunded amount) will be deducted off the final refundable amount as well. There will be no refund for cancellation notice less than 24 hours before delivery date, 100% of your total bill will be chargeable.

Hopefully, our baby full month cake faq have cleared your queries. feel free to Whatsapp us or drop us a line below and we will get back to you asap!

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