ala-carte platter


A minimum of 2 platters per kueh/pastries type is required.

Complete your event with our ala carte full month platter. Choose from traditional kuehs and modern pastries selection. We offer red egg, either ang ku kueh (for baby girls) or ang yee (for baby boys), glutinous rice, chocolate tart as well as vanilla cake.

The platters are a big hit for office gatherings or events. You also may add on platters to your Regular packages, Party & Event packages or even Stayhome packages in a single order as long as they are all delivered on the same day to the same address.

Our food are freshly made in the early morning of your delivery date. All our kuehs and pastries are packed in ready-to-serve black tray with transparent lid, keeping them fresh, delectable and presentable for all occasions!  i

Your order will enjoy a free delivery before 1pm (to one location) with orders above $180 in a single order. Dedicated delivery charges start from $19 as well as for orders below $180.

All prices listed are nett price (no GST).

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries regarding our ala carte baby full month platter. Do not forget to check out our other packages as well!