virtual message cards

Creating everlasting memories to complement your packages for your guests!

Worried about friends and relatives throwing away your baby's photo card after consuming the full month package? We have got it sorted for you.

As we launched our first-ever virtual message card in May 2020, you'll now literally have your baby's card at your fingertips, 24/7, on your mobile phone! You are always ready to share it with anyone instantly. No more colour fading or crumpled baby cards. 

Our virtual message cards stay bright, brilliantly coloured, never crumpled and never misplaced! No more recipients throwing away your baby's photo card!

Let's create everlasting and fresh memories of the sweetest celebration for your newborn with your friends and relatives with our virtual message cards! 

Our versatile virtual card can also be transformed into a party invitation card, a thank you note, a corporate announcement card and more, totally customisable to your specific needs.