Celebrating Rok’s full month

Please download a copy of Rok’s baby message card! >> CLICK HERE to download

We will be delivering the full month package to you on 12 September, Monday, anytime 11am – 5pm (no special delivery timing request).

Our fresh food items are freshly made on the early morning of your delivery date. It is strongly recommended to consume all fresh items on your delivery day. It is not recommended to keep the package for the next day. In the event if you must keep the package after delivery day, please store them in the fridge as soon as you receive the packages and consume package by the next day.

Important information (*Please read*):

1. Gift package will be left at your doorstep if no one is at home at the point of delivery. You may request for delivery driver to leave it with a next door neighbour if you won’t be home the whole time between 11am – 5pm. Please note that our delivery vendor is not able to accommodate specific delivery timings, due to large volume of deliveries.

3. In the event if the delivery driver is not able to reach your doorstep (due to security issue with Condominium or Office building, the gift package will be returned to our central kitchen for disposal.

4. You will receive a SMS delivery reminder with your delivery vendor’s contact number (on the day before the delivery) from us. If you did not receive the sms by 5pm (the day before the delivery), please contact us.