Recipients’ information

Hello! Welcome to JOYBOX!

We are pleased to inform that your friend/relative has prepared a fresh cake package to be delivered to your doorstep. Please read the important information below to find out more about your delivery:


1. When is my delivery date?

Your delivery date and time is indicated in the notification that your sender has sent you.


2. How can I confirm my delivery address to ensure that I will receive my package on my delivery day?

Your delivery address has been provided to us by your sender. You may reconfirm your address with our delivery vendor. Please contact our delivery vendor directly, click here to WhatsApp them. Simply provide your delivery address to them.


3. What happens if no one is at home on my delivery day?

Our delivery vendors will hang the package at your door handle. There will be no waiting time or request for our delivery vendors to make a return trip at a later time. As the package that your sender has purchased only comes with 1-time delivery.


4. Can I reschedule my delivery date or request a specific delivery time?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Delivery time will be anytime 11am -5pm, as indicated in your notification sms.


5. What are my option to redirect my delivery?

Although you cannot change the delivery date or time, you can however request for us to deliver to a next door neighbour who can receive your package on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may also request to provide a different delivery address to redirect the delivery. Please ensure that some one will be available to receive it and preferably a HDB address so that our delivery vendor can hang the package at the doorstep if no one is at home.

Please contact our delivery vendor directly, one day before your delivery date (no later than 9pm) to redirect your package. Click here to WhatsApp them. You would need to provide them with your original delivery address and the new address that you are redirecting your package to.


6. What happens if I have not received my package after the indicated time range?

Please contact our delivery vendor asap to track your package. Click here to WhatsApp them. You would need to provide them with your delivery address.


We appreciate your understanding that we are not able to request the delivery vendors to call you prior delivery due to their hectic and tight delivery schedule. 

In the event if your premises has controlled access to entrance (such as condominium, offices) or wrong address provided and our delivery vendors are not able to reach you on the provided mobile number, the package will be returned to our central kitchen for disposal. There will be no refund on your package for your sender, as food has already been prepared and delivery has been attempted. Your sender may purchase a new package for you.

Our fresh food items are made on the early morning of the delivery, so please consume them on the same day or store in fridge as soon as you received it and consume by the next day.


Thank you!