What is the minimum order?

You must have a minimum of $60 in a single order.

A min of 10 boxes per theme box / pastry set is required for mix-and-match order in a single order.

Orders cannot be combined.

Please place separate orders for deliveries on different days.

Please place orders for Stayhome packages and Regular packages separately, as their delivery options are different.

A minimum of 10 boxes of any pastry set is required for each single order.

How many days notice is required to make an order?

Please place your orders in advance, but no later than THREE DAYS before your delivery date.

What are the available payment modes?

We offer only ONE payment mode and it's via credit card. In the event if you do not own any credit / debit cards, you can also make your payment via PayNow, contact us for more information.

Do we deliver everyday?

We deliver from Tuesday to Sunday, inclusive of public holidays! Every Monday is closed for maintenance, however if you have an order of 100 boxes and above to be delivered on a Monday, please contact us via email or whatsapp and we will try our best to make a special arrangement for you.

What are the modes to receive your packages?

To ensure smooth operation of our business, our central kitchen does not allow self-collection, delivery is the solely available mode to receive your packages.

What are the delivery charges like?

Free delivery for orders above $100. No specific time slot,  by 1 pm or by 3 pm.

Delivery charges for dedicated delivery time slots start from $15. No additional charges with CBD area.

STAYHOME packages include free delivery to all recipients, 11 am - 5 pm slot (no specific time requests).

Where do we deliver?

We deliver all areas in Singapore, EXCEPT for Jurong Island, Sentosa Island, Changi Airfreight Centre, Shipyards, Camps & Air Bases.

How fresh are our items?

Our fresh food items are FRESHLY MADE ON THE EARLY MORNING of your delivery date. We offer freshness guarantee promise with full refund to the affected item(s). If mould is spotted on any fresh items at the end of your delivery day, report to us at on the same day for refund.

How are the fresh items packed?

Our fresh food items are packed in transparent food grade tray with tight closure lid, each tray is then packed into your choice of theme box in the early morning of your delivery.

How long can you keep the fresh items?

It is strongly recommended to consume all fresh items on your delivery day. It is not recommended to keep the packages for the next day. In the event if you must keep the packages after delivery day, please store them in the fridge as soon as you receive the packages. You are advised to consume package by the next day. Please note that we cannot guarantee the freshness of the items on the next day. Ang yee/ang ku kueh, glutinous rice will become hard once they are stored in the fridge.

Our freshness guarantee refund does not apply to packages consumed after delivery day itself.

Ang ku kuehs or Ang yees?

We have both and we provide ang ku kuehs for baby girls and ang yees for baby boys. If you have a different preference, please let us know! All our ang ku kuehs and ang yees are come with mung bean filling.

Can you customise your own sets as none of the available sets are exactly what you wanted in mind?

Yes, you may.

For 4-piece customisation, please place order for "set 2 - customise your own combination" at $4.50 nett.

For 6-piece customisation, please place order for "set 4 - customise your own combination" at $5.90 nett.

For 8-piece customisation, please place order for "set 6 - customise your own combination" at $7.90 nett.

Indicate your customised items combination in the order form (select from ang yee/ang ku kueh, vanilla cake, chocolate tart or glutinous rice, set your own quantity of these items in your package).

Are our fresh food halal certified?

Our ang ku kueh and glutinous rice are not halal, but they do not contain pork, lard and alcohol. Vanilla cake and chocolate tart are halal. You can customise a halal package by ordering our customised sets (set 2, 4 or 6) with just vanilla cakes and chocolate tarts.

Are our fresh food suitable for vegetarians?

If egg is acceptable for your vegetarian guests, only our glutinous rice is not suitable as they contains shrimps. We can offer a change of glutinous rice to vanilla cake at no extra charges. For example, if you have an order of 30 boxes and only 1 box requires vegetarian set, we will be happy to help with that. Just let us know!

If egg is not suitable, you can consider all ang ku kuehs/ang yee package for your vegetarian guests, contact us for more information on the additional charges.

Do our packages come with personalised photo message cards?

We offer virtual message card service as we understand your worries about friends and relatives throwing away your baby's photo card after consuming the full month package.

Fully customisable with your baby photo and personalised message. Option for you to whatsapp your guests personally (free) or engage our service to send out (via whatsapp) the virtual cards on your behalf at a small handling charge of 20 cents per recipient.

More details here.

Do our packages come with carrier?

Yes, free plastic bags will be provided for the packages.

You need to change your order details (including delivery timing / address / number of boxes / change of pastry sets etc) after making your order, is that possible?

Yes, definitely! All changes MUST BE updated at least TWO WORKING DAYS (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays are non working days for our administrative department) before your delivery date, by 12 noon. We regret that any changes notified after 12 noon will not be effected, it will be processed as partial cancellation (please see T&C for cancellation in the next pointer). For changes on reduction of boxes, a minimum of 15 boxes per pastry type must still apply in a single order. In the event if the changes involve a refund, a 3% credit card processing fees (for refund) will be deducted off refund amount.

If you are intending to have different delivery dates, please place separate orders for deliveries on different day respectively. A $25 administrative charge will apply for request to split your single order into different delivery dates after placing your order. 

No administrative charges on all other changes. Our $25 administrative charge ONLY apply for request to split single order into different delivery dates after placing the order. 

Can you cancel your order?

Orders can be cancelled, however please note that 50% of your total bill will be chargeable for all cancellation of orders. On top of that, a 3% credit card processing fees (for refund) will be deducted off on the refund amount. There will be no refund for cancellation notice less than 24 hours before delivery date, 100% of your total bill will be chargeable.